The Juvenile laws must be reformed: Sanya Kishwar to Law Insider


Assistant Lecturer at Jindal global law school-Sanya Kishwar, in the webinar conducted by Law Insider, said that it is high time for the society to change their thinking and not to judge a women on the basis of her marital status or because of her relations with the ‘Men’ in the society.

The webinar was mostly focusing on the recent judgment of Mohit Subhash Chavan v. State of Maharashtra, where the CJI of India, asked the petitioner that, ‘Will you marry her’? this question was questioned by many activist all over the India, as this shows the patriarchy of the bench in one way or another.

This judgement also gives an insight of the fact that the petitioner was granted the provisions of a regular bail, just because of the fact that petitioner was a government servant. This webinar also has the interpretation of other judgements of the same issue.

Ms. Sanya told the host/moderator – Khushi Lunawat, that she would be wrong, if she only blames men for this condition of women in India, in India patriarchy has gone to that point, that even if a girl is raped by men, the whole society will blame her only because of her clothes, personality etc. The session ended with a hope of a safe and secure world for women.

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