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Telangana High Court grants Govt 2 weeks to Cap Pvt Hospital Charges

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Queency Jain

The Telangana High Court provided an extension of 2 weeks for the State government to cap the fee of treatment of Covid-19 and black fungus in private hospitals.

The extension comes after the State has requested the Court for an extension of 4 weeks. The Court, while making a sarcastic comment, asked the Secretary of Health Department Syed Ali Murtaza Rizvi to tell the Court if the Government is willing to cap the prices after the Covid-19 ends.

The Court further warned the Government that this will be the last extension given to them as they have already taken an extension of 1 month before also. The Court further directed the Government to issue an order and submit a copy of the same to the Court.

While the Court raised the concern over excess fees paid by patients in private hospitals, the Government told that they have already asked the private hospitals to return Rs. 65 lakhs to the patients.

Director of Health Dr G Srinivasa Rao submitted that the State is ready to deal with the third wave of the Covid-19 and has already vaccinated 66.79 lakh people in the State.

Further, it was submitted that the graph of positive cases is going downwards and there are enough available beds for the third wave.

Rao stated that 132 oxygen plants have been set up in the hospitals and the Government is trying their best to increase more beds with oxygen facilities thereby focusing even on recruiting more doctors.

DGP M Mahender Reddy also submitted that lockdown was imposed with due care and the authorities are following strict rules thereby proceeding against those who are violating the Covid norms.

In conclusion, the Court was informed that 160 cases have been booked as of now in relation to black-marketing of Covid-19 drugs.