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Tata’s Jaguar Land Rover moves court against Volkswagen group over patent issue

Amitha Muraleedharan

In a patent tussle, Tata Motors’ Jaguar Land Rover has filed a complaint with the US International Trade Commission to cease imports of Audi, Lamborghini, Porsche, and Volkswagen SUVs.

Land Rover, owned by Tata Motors Ltd. told the Trade Commission in its plaint that the opponent companies use its patented “Terrain Response Technology” without approval.

Jaguar has claimed a ban on the imports of Audi’s Q8, Q7, Q5, A6 Allroad and e-tron cars, Porsche Cayenne, Lamborghini Urus, and Volkswagen’s Tiguan models.

JLR has also file suit in federal courts in Delaware and New Jersey against companies for violation of the patent.

The International Trade Commission is an independent agency with a quasi-judicial function.

It can hear unfair trade practices such as patent infringement but cannot penalize parties, but only order an interim injunction.

It can block products from entering the US.