Prevention of Money Laundering Act and Economic Offences- Law Insider Certificate Course

pmla certificate course


Prevention of Money Laundering Act, 2002 is an Act of the Parliament of India enacted by the NDA government to prevent money-laundering and to provide for confiscation of property derived from money-laundering.

PMLA and the Rules notified there under came into force with effect from July 1, 2005. The Act and Rules notified there under impose obligation on banking companies, financial institutions and intermediaries to verify identity of clients, maintain records and furnish information in prescribed form to Financial Intelligence Unit – India (FIU-IND).

The act was amended in the year 2005, 2009 and 2012.

On 24 Nov 2017, In a ruling in favour of citizens’ liberty, the Supreme Court has set aside a clause in the Prevention of Money Laundering Act, which made it virtually impossible for a person convicted to more than three years in jail to get bail if the public prosecutor opposed it. (Section 45 of the PMLA Act, 2002, provides that no person can be granted bail for any offence under the Act unless the public prosecutor, appointed by the government, gets a chance to oppose his bail.

And should the public prosecutor choose to oppose bail, the court has to be convinced that the accused was not guilty of the crime and additionally that he/she was not likely to commit any offence while out on bail- a tall order by any count.) (It observed that the provision violates Articles 14 and 21 of the Indian Constitution)


  • Learn in-Depth Knowledge and the Process of PMLA
  • To prevent and control money laundering.
  • To know how to confiscate and seize the property obtained from the laundered money
  • To deal with any other issue connected with money laundering in India.


The detailed Course outline is as follows:


Session 1 on 23rd APRIL 2022 at 5 PM
Session 2 on 24th APRIL 2022 at 5 PM

SESSION 1: (2.5 hours)- 23rd APRIL 2022 at 5 PM

  1. Introduction
    1. What are economic offences
    2. Various kinds of economic offences
  2. Money Laundering – Process & Methods
    1. What is Money Laundering?
    2. Methods used for Money Laundering
    3. Sources of Tainted Money
    4. Effects of Money Laundering
  3. Overview of Prevention of Money Laundering Act (PMLA)
    1. Background
    2. Important Terms
    3. Attachment, Adjudication and Confiscation
    4. Offences and Penalties under the Act
    5. Implementation Authorities
    6. Obligations of Banking Companies, Financial Institutions and Intermediaries

SESSION 2:( 2.5 hours)- on 24th APRIL 2022 at 5 PM

  1. Overview of Prevention of Money Laundering Rules 2005
  2. Overview of International Conventions and Resolutions
    1. Vienna Convention
    2. Starsbourg Convention
    3. OECD Convention on Corruption
    4. United Nations Convention against Corruption
  3. Famous Cases in India with respect to Money Laundering in India.
  4. Conclusion


Legal Professionals/Advocates

Law Students

Bank Officials

Corporate Officials


Question and Answer session will be there after every session.



Event Concluded

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