Patents in Pharmaceutical Industry- Law Insider Certificate Course

Pharmaceutical Industry Patent Law Insider


A patent is a legal monopoly granted by a government in return for public disclosure of an invention. A granted patent gives the proprietor the right to prevent others using the invention in the territory to which the patent applies. A patent does not, however, give a positive right to use an invention. There may be earlier patents for other inventions that an inventor may need to license to exploit his own invention.

In most countries a patent can last for twenty years from the date of application. However this is usually dependent upon the payment of annual renewal fees to keep the patent in force.

Patents can be obtained for inventions that, in general, are new and useful products and methods. Patentable inventions must involve an ‘inventive step’, which means that the invention must be distinguished from what was known previously (the ‘prior art’) by more than a trivial or obvious feature.

A patentable invention could relate, for example, to an entirely new product, a new part for a more complex overall product, a new method of making a product or a new method of using a product.

Objectives of the Course

  • Learn in-Depth Knowledge and the Process of Patent Law and how is it obtained.
  • Duties/ Responsibilities of patentee.
  • To Analyse difference between Assignment and Licensing.
  • Patent in Pharmaceutical Industry.
  • Patent and Technological Inventions .

Course outline

Session 1 on 05th March 2022 (4 p.m to 7 p.m)
Session 2 on 06th March 2022 (4 p.m to 7 p.m)

Session- 1: (2.5 hours)


• Meaning of the term Patents

• What are the requisites for grant of Patents?

2.Patentable Invention

• Protectable subject matter under Patents law

3.Procedure for obtaining Patents

• Submission of Applications

• What is specification

• Provisional and complete specifications

• Term of Patent

4.Rights conferred on a Patentee

5.Difference between Assignment and Licensing

6.Compulsory Licensing in India

7.Infringement of Patents

8.Discussion of famous cases

Session- 2:( 2.5 hours)

1.Patent and the Pharmaceutical Industry

• Patent abuse: Patients vs Patent

• Evergreening of Patent

• Can IP right be ever waived?

2.Patent and Technological invention

• Is software patentable?

• Patents and AI

Course Suggested for

Legal Professionals/Advocates

Law Students


Question and Answer Session

Question and Answer session will be there after every session.


Adv Sinjini Sen: Research Scholar at Rajiv Gandhi Institute of IPR, IIT Kharagpur,

Visiting faculty of ICFAI Business School, Mumbai, MNLU Mumbai, MVP CPN College of Pharmacy Nashik.

Event Concluded

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