Drafting of Arbitration Agreements- Law Insider Certificate Course

DRAFTING OF ARBITRATION AGREEMENT Law Insider Certificate Course by Victor Nayak


One might not even realize but Arbitration is something they have most likely come across in their daily lives. The art of Arbitration lies in something as insignificant as settling a dispute between two of your friends when they cannot seem to agree to a set of terms or clicking ‘I Agree’ to the terms & conditions you probably did not read while signing in to a new app.

Coming to the legal paradigm, Arbitration comes to rescue at times when parties across every level (from settling a case of divorce to corporate giants getting into a new contract) decide to give up certain rights in return for some benefits.

Arbitration in simple terms means the procedure parties reside to in order to resolve a dispute, instead of going to the court. Arbitration is a dispute settling method which can be a cost effective, time saving and even preferred by most parties. Sounds good, right? It is, in theory.

But like any other legal operation, it requires paperwork and working at the ground level –  which, one can achieve, provided they are equipped with the required skills; the most primary one being – learning how to draft an Arbitration Agreement.

Brief about the course

So, who should learn how to draft an Arbitration Agreement? Simple, every individual who aspires to, is in the process or already a lawyer. From a budding lawyer to experienced ones looking to brush their skills, this course is the perfect fit for you.

Law Insider has curated this comprehensive course which includes a variety of topics related to Arbitration, Strategies to draft effective agreements and even practical exercises on drafting!

Course Outline

Session one- 25/09/2021 1 P.M

1.    Basic Principles of Arbitration

2.    Scope of arbitration agreements/clauses

3.    Components of arbitration agreements/clauses

4.    Institutional or ad hoc

5.    Choice of Law

6.    Seat of the arbitration

7.    Number and Appointment of arbitrators

8.    Qualification of Arbitrators

9.    Multiple Parties

Session Two- 26/09/2021 1 P.M

10. Consolidation and Joinder

11. Multi-tiered Arbitration clauses

12. Confidentiality

13. Language

14. Strategies for drafting effective Arbitration Agreements

15. Drafting Exercise in Class


Avineet Singh Chawla,Mr. Avineet Singh Chawla is an Assistant Lecturer of Law at O.P. Jindal Global University.

Specialisation– International Commercial Arbitration, Commercial Contract Drafting, Private International Law, Investment Laws.

Certificate Distribution

Certificate will be issued after 48 Hours of Successful completion of Course.

Event Concluded

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