Corporate Law and Compliance-Law Insider Certificate Course

corporate Law and Compliance Law Insider Certificate Course by Victor Nayak


Companies have always been the prime source of attraction for investors and business enthusiasts specially whenever once dreams to do a business at a large scale as even though there are many other alternatives but the flexibility and the gullibility that a corporate personality possess is unparalleled.

Though nowadays the process of setting up a company has been made much easier especially to boost ease of doing business in India as well as promote the entrepreneurship model of make in India, there are many nitty gritties which are involved while either starting a company or converting the existing business into a company.

The following course is an attempt to address many of these issues which might one will come across when they take up their ambitious journey of being a part of one of the elitest classes of people known as corporate.

Pre-requisite for the course

Law of contract, Law and economics, basics of business management

Course Objectives

  1. To develop an understanding of company as a form of business enterprise
  2. To gain knowledge of the various provisions of Company Law including the statutory guidelines.
  3. To analyze the judicial interpretations of various provisions of Companies Act
  4. To develop in the students an understanding of the organizational and governance structure of companies.
  5. To develop an understanding of the concept of corporate democracy.
  6. To enable them to understand the rights, duties and liabilities of those governing and the governed.
  7. To help the students in understanding the need for corporate restructuring and the modern day corporate restructuring methods
  8. To equip young lawyers with the knowledge of the legal framework on the management and day-to-day functioning of a company and analyze the existing loopholes and issues in law.
  9. To provide students with an awareness of current policy trends and developments in Company Law and Securities Law.

Course Outcome

  1. Attain knowledge of practical aspects of a company and know various rules and regulations governing a company: its formation and its functioning.
  2. Understand various principles governing companies such as Doctrine of Ultra Vires, Indoor Management etc.
  3. Know the ethical, social and professional obligations of various personnel running a company.
  4. Understand the procedure of issue and listing of securities
  5. Know the management process of a company as applicable in various instances and the power exercised by them as stipulated by Companies Act 2013
  6. Evaluate the mechanism established to protect the interest of various stakeholders in the functioning of the company
  7. Determine the procedure to be adopted that a corporate body undertakes when it finally ends its business or plans to expand or contract its business and activities
  8. Apply the legal understanding about a company to hypothetical situations in order to test their theoretical understanding of the functioning of the company & Corporate Actions.
  9. Appraise the procedural essentialities that the company has to mandatorily follow while undertaking due diligence or settlement of creditors’ claims or fixing the share exchange ratio in case of reconstruction and winding up.

Course Outline

  1. Concept of Corporate Personality and Inception of a company
    1. Dos and Don’ts while creating a company and important Legal Provisions to be complied with
    2. One person company – a new life to entrepreneurship
    3. Role of contract law in creating a company
    4. Important documents and related doctrines under company law
  2. Key Managerial personnel in a company and their role
    1. Directors vis-à-vis Promoters
    2. Board of Directors and its management personnel
    3. Duties and functions of the corporate personnel in the company
    4. Legal compliances in defining their position in the company
  3. Capital and companies
    1. Equity capital and Debt Capital – striking the right balance
    2. Documentation and stages in raising the capital for the company
    3. Some important stakeholders in the process of raising company capital
    4. Role of SEBI and other regulatory bodies
  4. Reorganising a company and its business
    1. Corporate Restructuring and reorganisation techniques
    2. Due diligence in the process of restructuring
    3. Financing during the process of restructuring
    4. Providing the human touch during the process of restructuring
  5. Winding up of company
    1. Grounds of winding up under Companies Act 2013
    2. Role of Insolvency Law in the process of winding up
    3. Management of company during winding up
    4. All’s well that ends well– ending the corporate personality in the right way.
  6. Insolvency proceeding

       Corporate Insolvency Resolution Process (CIRP)

  • Financial Creditor
  • Operational Creditor
  • Application to NCLT
  • Interim Resolution Professional & Moratorium
  • Verification and Analysis of Claims
  • Appointment of Resolution Professional
  • Approval of the “Resolution Plan”
  • The Insolvency and Bankruptcy, 2016
  • MCA Forms
  • Careers in Corporate Law

Add ons-

The ideal Resume (CV) and application for a corporate job

The career journey and the day-in-a-life of a Corporate Lawyer

Generalization vs Specialization

Fields of Practice

Working in a Law Firm vs Working as In-house Counsel in a Company

Course Suggested for

1. Legal Professionals/Advocates

2. Chartered Accountant

3. CA Aspirants

4. CS Aspirants

5. Insolvency Professional

6. Law Students

Assessment Exam

A fifty marks MCQ Exam will be conducted online after the final session.

Time- 1 hour

Format- Multiple Choice Question

Level- Basic


31st July- 3 P.M to 6 P.M Saturday (With 2 Break)

1st August- 3 P.M to 6 P.M Sunday (With 2 Break)

Note- The session may take little more time.


Victor Nayak,
Mr. Victor Nayak is an Assistant Professor of Law at Galgotias University. Mr. Victor Nayak has more than 8 Years of Experience in Academics.

Specialisation- Corporate Law, Mergers and Acquisition, ADR, Competition Law.

Certificate Distribution

Certifiacte will be issued after 48 Hours of Successful completion of Course.


Rupees 199/- 


Submit the following details on [email protected] with payment screenshot

  1. Name
  2. Profession
  3. Contact Details

Question and Answer Session

Question and Answer session will be there after every session

Event Concluded

31st July- 3 to 6 P.M

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