Competition Law- Law Insider Specialised Course

Published on: September 15, 2022 at 01:06 IST

Law Insider Competition Law Specialised Certificate Course syllabus covers topics related to the Regulations and Important updates for the same. The course gives detailed information regarding how the CCI functions and what are the processes that are involved.

Law Insider course covers practical aspects in detail the basic objective of the competition law, and how it is used to encourage the free and open process of competition. You will learn about anti-competitive agreement, how some companies negatively use it in fixing prices and dividing the market which has the effect of reducing competition in their market.

Course Objective:

Learn how to Merger Control works in CCI.

Session Details:

Session 1 on 22nd October, 2022 12:15 P.M

Session 2 on 23rd October, 2022 12:15 P.M

Session 1

  1. Overview of regime of mergers under the Competition Act
  2. Thresholds
  3. Exemptions – Statutory, Target based and other MCA exemptions

Session 2

  1. Process Considerations
    • Phase 1 and 2 enquiries
    • Form 1 vs Form 2
    • Success of Green Channel
    • Pre filing consultation
    • Assignment of case teams
  2. Consequence of non-compliance
  3. Cases and Market Studies – pre and post covid.

Course Suggested For:

Legal Professionals/Advocates

Law Students, Businessman, CA, CS ,Government Officials

Q & A:

Question and Answer session will be there after every session.

Speaker: Neha Gyamlani– She is a partner at J&G ASSOCIATES, Corporate Advisory , Tech and Competition Law enthusiast

Speaker Specialization:

Legal Consulting, Corporate Law, Real Estate, Negotiation, Bankruptcy Law, Business Law, Intellectual Property Law, Criminal Defense Law, Tax Law

Event Concluded

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