Sajid Mir

International Terrorist

  • Name : Sajid mir
  • Alias : Abu Bara, Uncle Bill, Sajid Bill
  • Date of birth : 1st January 1978 / 31st January 1976
  • Place of birth : Sialkot Punjab, Pakistan
  • Nationality : Pakistani
  • Family : Mir grew up in a middle- class Punjabi family
  • Spouse : He married daughter of a retired army officer in Pakistan, and now has 2 sons.
  • Education : Bachelors in arts ( Economics, Urdu & psychology), Master in English Literature (1960)– University of Punjab, Masters in Islamic studies – University of Punjab Traditional Islamic studies with Fazil Darse Nizami
  • Languages known :  English, Urdu, Hindi, Arabic
  • Scars and marks :  skin decolouration on his face Scar on left cheek and right eye
  • False Identities : Ibrahim Shah, Wasi, Khalid, Vashi, Ali Bhai, Moosa Bhai, Wasi Ibrahim, Sajid Majeed, Sajjid Mir
  • Political party associated with : PML – N Markazi Jamiat
  • Political Career :  Senate of Pakistan – March 2009, Chairperson of Senate Committee on Science & Technology, Member of Senate committee of Rules of Procedures & Privileges, functional committee on government assurances, overseas Pakistanis & HR development , Ameer of Markazi Jamiat Ahl Hadith
  • Major international assignments with :  David Hadley and Willie Brigitte

Sajid Mir is not only a Pakistani Islamic scholar, politician, Muslim leader, but also a passionate jihadi & international terrorist wanted by countries all over the world. He is often described by a Makarov pistol on his hip.

A very little information has been known about this terrorist. He belongs to Ahl-I Hadith, and is supposedly one of the most important people and a very powerful and useful asset to ISI. He is the top Lashkar-e-Taiba terrorist, and has ties with al Qaeda in Afghanistan. He has plotted attacks in Australia, Virginia, France, & India.

He joined the terror group Lashkar-e-Taiba after ending his career in Pakistan army where he was required to train budding terrorists. Mir helped the terror groups to expand its reach across continents all over the world.

He managed to gain direct access to Lashkar’s Military chief Zaki-ur-Rehman Lakhvi, who is also a very powerful terrorist. Since 2001, Sajid has been associated with Lashkar’s recruitment activities.

Alongside, he also aided to Lashkar’s Military chief Zaki-ur-Rehman Lakhvi. Some reports claim that Mir joined Lashkar when he was 16 years old, and soon was appointed under its international operations wing.

He strongly believed that Lashkar needed to look beyond Saeed’s obsession for Kashmir, and work towards the goal of having a global terror impact.

In 2002, Sajid led a buying spree overseas for military equipments for their own attacks. It’s also said that he is following the course of David Hadley’s case from his safe house in Pakistan.

Although Pakistan denies his existence, it’s claimed that ISI has asked Mir to lay low after the 26/11 attack in Mumbai.

Arrest warrant issued by FBI:

Sajid Mir was declared as an international terrorist and enlisted as one of the ‘Wanted Terrorists’. An arrest warrant was issued on his name on 22nd April 2011 after he was indicted in US District court, Chicago. The following offences were listed for the reason of issuance of arrest warrant:

  • Conspiracy to destruct property and assets of foreign government
  • Aiding support to terrorists
  • Slaughtering a citizen of United States in another country
  • Aiding and abetting terror attacks
  • Bombing of public places.

Mir is also alleged to have conspired a terror attack on a newspaper company in Denmark, and its employees in-between 2008 & 2009.

Mastermind behind 26/11 Mumbai attack

The event that led to increased tension between Pakistan and India was allegedly led by Sajid Mir. He visited India in 2005 as a cricket fan and was present in Feroze Shah Kotla Stadium, New Delhi. It’s reported that he, with the help of a Pakistani-American operative named David Coleman Hadley, conducted ultra-careful investigation on Mumbai.

He directed slaughter of many humans over the phone. Even some incidents were reported were he asked one of his attackers to shoot the Holtzberg couple at Chabad House in the head, and said that he wanted to hear it happen.

He also suggested to trade the hostages in exchange for their gunman who was captured during the unfolding of the events. This terror attack in Mumbai on 26th of November reported 166 deaths and 308 wounded casualties, out of which were some foreigners too. Till this date this incident send a shiver down the spine of Indians.

It’s come to the notice of officials that after visiting India in 2005, Sajid Mir also underwent a plastic surgery. India, along with other countries have ever since persuaded Pakistan to get hold of him, but Pakistan consistently denies his existence.

Current status:

It is claimed that Sajid has withdrawn from all his duties and is currently under the protection of ISI in Rawalpindi. It’s however reported that he never moved from Pakistan. He clearly personifies the evolving and emerging danger related to Lashkar in the world.

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