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Public Interest litigation to allow door to door vaccination: Bombay High Court

Jass Kaur Bindra

Public trust litigation is filed in Bombay High Court to allow door to door vaccination of people aged 75 years and above.

The plea was raised after rejection came from the central government. Bombay municipal corporation initially asked the centre to ensure door to door vaccination specifically of aged people. Since the plea was rejected by centre public interest litigation was filed in Bombay High Court so as to ensure that centre me abide buy the basic necessity of vaccination of aged people.

Maharashtra is a state with highest covid19 cases in India and therefore Maharashtra government as well as Bombay municipal corporation have raised voice in the court against the centre so as to allow vaccination. This public interest litigation will be heard the upcoming week that is on 5th April 2021. Chief Justice Dipankar Datta and Justice G S Kulkarni will hear the petition.

The main aim of the partition is to ensure public welfare specifically of the people who are suffering any specific disease or are physically challenged or are on bed rest.

The petition stated “It is the need of hour for the Union government to start door-to-door vaccination which is to be there as there are numerous people specifically The aged people who would not be able to visit vaccination centres or they may find it difficult to do so.”

The petition clarified the basic problem with the elder category of people, they are facing during vaccination is that there are already existing health issues.

The justice have clarified that the petition will be heard mostly next week. The public interest litigation even clarified that if an amount limit of rupees 500 per vaccination which is done door to door is placed that is even acceptable to people as per the

This entire issue came to limelight and a public interest litigation was filed because centre clearly decline the request of providing
door to door policy for vaccination for covid-19.

Therefore the main aim of public interest litigation is to ensure vaccination specifically of aged people who are unable to to reach the vaccination centres due to one or the other reason.

Moreover, it is the elderly people who are most prone to the clutches of covid-19. Hence it is high time to ensure the safety of elderly people which is the basic purpose of public interest litigation is filed in Bombay High Court.