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Pakistan SC stands by his order acquitting Ahmad Sheikh; directs him to a convenient “rest house”

The Supreme Court of Pakistan had stood firm in its decision on the acquittal of Ahmad Saeed Omar Sheikh in the 2002 case of kidnapping and beheading American Journalist Daniel Pearl. However, it ordered to transfer him from the jail to a “rest house” before releasing him.

He should be moved to a comfortable residential environment something like a rest house where he can live a normal life,” stated the review panel headed by Justice Omar Ata Bandyal.

Following the order, Sheikh is to be moved to the government safe house and will be guarded. While in confinement, permission has been granted to his wife and children to visit him.

The Pakistan Government as well as Pearl’s family had appealed before the Top Court of Pakistan to review its verdict of acquitting Ahmad Sheikh. However, the Court decided to stand by its earlier verdict.

Ahmad Sheikh was involved in the murder of Journalist Pearl in 2002 as well as in a 1994 kidnapping case. He is now set to be released after 18 years.

This verdict has triggered the US Government which stated that it would demand Sheikh’s “extradition” if the acquittal is upheld.

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