Zomato and McDonald’s Fined ₹1 Lakh for Delivering Non-Vegetarian Food to Vegetarian Customer

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Published on: October 17, 2023 at 12:36 IST

Zomato, the well-known online food delivery service, and the fast-food giant McDonald’s have been collectively fined Rs 1 lakh by the District Consumer Dispute Redressal Forum in Jodhpur. This penalty was imposed due to their delivery of non-vegetarian items in an order placed by a vegetarian customer.

The complainant, who had specifically requested a vegetarian burger from McDonald’s via Zomato, was surprised to find non-vegetarian items in the order. Despite bringing this issue to the attention of both Zomato and McDonald’s, no appropriate action was taken to rectify the mistake. Consequently, the complaint was elevated to the District Consumer Dispute Redressal Forum.

The forum held both Zomato and McDonald’s responsible for the error and instructed them to compensate the complainant with a sum of Rs 1 lakh. In addition, they were directed to pay Rs 5,000 as litigation costs.

In response, Zomato has expressed its intention to challenge the District Commission’s decision. The food delivery platform argued that it acts as an intermediary in food sales and should not be held accountable for incorrect deliveries or order discrepancies.

This incident follows a similar case in Lucknow where a local restaurant and a delivery agent faced charges for mistakenly delivering chilli chicken instead of chilli paneer to a vegetarian customer. The customer expressed distress over the incident and filed a complaint due to the negligence exhibited by the restaurant. Charges were filed against the restaurant owner and the delivery executive for their roles in the mix-up.

Moreover, last year, Zomato was instructed by a consumer court to compensate a student with Rs 8,362 after the company failed to deliver his order. The student, who had placed two separate orders in a single night, did not receive either of them or a refund. Consequently, the court held Zomato responsible and ordered them to provide compensation.

These incidents underscore the significance of ensuring accurate orders and effective customer service in the food delivery industry.

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