[Zee’s Copyright Suit] Rajat Sharma to Delhi HC: Aap Ki Adalat Episodes Shot b/w 1992 & 1997 Won’t be Broadcast

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Prerna Gala

Published on: September 21, 2022 at 20:30 IST

The popular television programme “Aap Ki Adalat” was produced by Zee, so the journalist Rajat Sharma and his news network India TV have pledged before the Delhi High Court that they will not air any of the episodes that were filmed between 1992 and 1997 [Zee Media Corporation Ltd vs. Rajat Sharma & Anr].

Senior attorney Sandeep Sethi, speaking on behalf of Sharma and India TV, stated that any references to the interviews and any brief snippets of the programmes that are presented during the broadcast of other news will be removed as soon as Zee makes them aware of them.

Single-judge Justice Jyoti Singh took notice of the arguments and requested that Sethi submit a brief affidavit in support of his position.

Sharma and India TV have been sued by Zee Media, the owner of the news stations Zee News and Zee Hindustan, for copyright violations.

In addition, Zee filed a contempt of court motion alleging that despite unambiguous assurances from Sharma and India TV that the link to the interview with former Shiv Sena leader Bal Thackeray had been removed, the same was still accessible on websites like YouTube.

Zee’s senior attorney Joy Basu claimed that although this link was provided in the lawsuit, it remained functional despite the undertaking for days, and that it was only removed when the contempt application was served.

Sethi countered that although they had taken down one link, it later proved out that there were more.

He told the court that the other link was also taken down as soon as they (Zee) made the observation.

On September 28, the Court then scheduled the case for further deliberation.

In its lawsuit, Zee claims that on June 25 and 26, 1993, India TV aired an episode of “Aap Ki Adalat” with Thackeray that Zee TV had originally produced and aired. This occurred during the political unrest in Maharashtra.

Additionally, Zee has asked for a court order preventing Sharma and India TV from airing more than 140 episodes of the programme.

According to it, Sharma’s work with Zee between 1992 and 1997 gave rise to the episodes of the show for which it claims to be the owner of the copyright.

Partner Ritwika Nanda and Associate Partner Rupali Gupta of Trust Legal represented Zee Media. Senior Advocate Joy Basu led them.

Rajat Sharma and Zee were represented by senior counsel Sandeep Sethi and advocate Prabhas Bajaj.

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