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Yasin Malik Chief of JKLF Gets Life Sentence in Terror Funding Case

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Paridhi Arya

Published on May 26, 2022 at 19:18 IST

Special Judge Parveen Singh of Special National Investigation Agency (NIA) Court sentenced Life Imprisonment to Yasin Malik, Chief of Jammu Kashmir Liberation Front and also a Kashmiri Separatist.

Malik was charged under Unlawful Activities Prevention Act (UAPA) and Indian Penal Code (IPC) after he pleaded Guilty.

Amicus Curiae explained him about the maximum punishment he can be awarded for the offences and all the advantage and disadvantages of pleading guilty. Amicus Curiae visited Jail to explain this to him.

Then also in the Court he pleaded guilty when asked by the Judge.

The Court noted that Malik was provided Legal Consultation and he had knowledge of the consequences then also he pleaded guilty so the Punishment was Awarded to him.

Under IPC following Punishments were awarded-

Section 121 (waging war against Government of India) – Life Imprisonment & 10,000 rupees fine.

Section 120B (Criminal Conspiracy) – 10 years imprisonment & 10,000 rupees fine.

Section 121A (Conspiracy to Commit Offences punishable by Section 121) – 10 years Imprisonment and 10,000 rupees fine.

Under UAPA following Punishments were awarded-

Section 13 (Punishment for unlawful activities) – 5 years Imprisonment.

Section 15 (Terrorist Act) – 10 years Imprisonment.

Section 17 (Punishment for raising funds for Terrorist Act) – Life imprisonment and 10 lakh rupees fine.

Section 20 (Punishment for being member of terrorist gang or organization)- 10 years imprisonment and 10,000 rupees fine.

Section 38 (Offence relating to membership of terrorist organization) and Section 39 (Offence relating to support given to a terrorist organization) – 5 years imprisonment and 5,000 rupees fine.

These punishments were given concurrently to the Malik.

“His plea is accordingly accepted,” the Court had said in its Conviction Order.

The Court in the March has already framed Charges when it was proved Prima Facie that Malik, Shabir Shah, Rashid Engineer, Altaf Fantoosh, Masrat and Hurriyat are recipient of terror funds.