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Uthra Murder Case: Husband gets Double Life Sentence

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Chaini Parwani –

Published On: October 13, 2021 at 15:13 IST

A Court in Kerala’s Kollam on Wednesday sentenced Double Life Term to the man who was found liable of killing his wife using a cobra snake.

However, the Court considered it one of the extraordinary cases and prohibited the death sentence examining age of the husband, P Sooraj.

The Court stated that “The 32-year-old has to undergo all sentences separately, adding that Life Sentence will start only after 17 years, which means he has to spend rest of his life in Jail.”

The Court on Monday charged Sooraj of murder for letting free a cobra on his wife while she was sleeping, and voluntarily pushing it to bite her. The Prosecution had seeked Capital Punishment for him.

Sooraj’s wife Uthra, aged 25-year-old, suffered a bite at her home while she was undergoing treatment for another snake bite she suffered.

According Uthra’s parents this was Sooraj’s second attempt, after having failed in his first with a viper earlier in February last year and that they were not satisfied with Court’s verdict as they expected death sentence.

The case came in light after Uthra’s parents lodged a Police Complaint two days after her death alleging Sooraj and his family members harassed their daughter for dowry.

Further Uthra’s parents highlighted that they already gave 90 sovereigns of gold, ₹5 lakh cash and a car to them.

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