Uthra Murder Case: Husband Convicted of Murdering Wife with Cobra

Aishwarya Rathore-

Published On: October 11, 2021 at 14:10 IST

A Kerala Court convicted Sooraj S Kumar for murdering 25-year-old wife by getting her bitten by a poisonous snake with the intent to kill her.

Justice Manoj M, delivered its verdict in which the husband threw a starving cobra on his sleeping wife in order to cause her death by snakebite.

During the Investigation, the Police discovered that Sooraj had been plotting the murder for a long time and had twice hired snakes from Suresh, a handler from Kalluvathukkal in Kollam.

S Harisankar, then Kollam Rural SP, stated, “We perceive Sooraj as a seasoned criminal without any guilt. He never admitted anything more than the evidence we presented. He gave statements in a calculated manner.”

The Officer further stated, “We had gathered maximum circumstantial evidence that included scientific, experimentation, forensic, and DNA analysis. We have also worked with many other departments. So we were able to submit a charge sheet within the time limit.”

A Post Mortem and DNA analysis of the snake was done in the case.

The Police also conducted a ‘dummy’ test’ in September 2021 to recreate the scene of the crime and see how the cobra would have bitten Uthra.

Sooraj was arrested on May 24, two weeks after Uthra’s death, and snake handler Suresh later turned Approver in the case. 

The Crime Branch also arrested Sooraj’s father, mother, and sister a few weeks following his arrest.

They were accused of conspiracy, domestic violence, and evidence destruction. A part of the gold that Uthra had carried with her was found buried in the soil behind their home.

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