Tough laws for Godmen if proposed Anti-Black Magic Law gets pass in Kerala

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Alka Verma –

Published On: November 1, 2021 at 15:21 IST.

Once the proposed Anti-Black Magic law, i.e., The Kerala Prevention and Eradication of Inhuman Evil Practice, Sorcery and Black Magic Bill, 2019 gets passed, there are going to be tougher laws for those who practice Black Magic.

Actions such as blessing women who are unable to conceive or the sale of lucky charms will become punishable offenses under the proposed law.

Presented by the Law Reforms Commission, the law aims to end such superstitions and evil practices and also to create awareness among people about Black Magic.

The proposed Bill criminalizes actions like Black Magic, Sorcery, Exorcism by violent means, bounty hunting and cheating people in the name of supernatural powers and sacrifice of animals.

The ones who practice such acts can also be charged for asking women to roam with them in a naked condition or asking them to engage in sexual activity for the sake of a child.

More superstition regarding women, like forcing them to isolate themselves while menstruating, will also be a punishable offense under this law.

Piercing of the cheek with iron rods or arrows, which is usually done under religious colour, is also banned.

The pelting of stones at houses or pollution of food or water, under the guise of “Kuttichathan”, is also going to attract punishment.

The Bill states one year in jail and a fine of Rs.5,000 as a minimum punishment for the said offenses.

The maximum punishment that could be served is a 7-year jail term and an Rs.50,000 fine, depending on the severity of the crime.

“The government will take a final call on the draft bill. It can amend the list of offenses by addition or deletion. The Bill upholds the spirit of Article 51A (h) of the Constitution, which encourages citizens to develop a scientific temper, humanism, and the spirit of inquiry and reform. Due emphasis is given to awareness programs, ” stated K. Sasidharan Nair, Vice Chairman of the Law Reforms Commission.

It should be noted here that the Bill excludes practices such as religious rituals at homes, temples, mosques, or other religious places, which do not cause physical harm to any person.

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