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The Delhi High Court has Ordered the Cleaning of River Yamuna for 45 days in Altercation case

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Delhi High Court Law Insider

 Shivani Thakur

Published on: June 13, 2022 at 13: 25 IST

Over a quarrel between two neighbors, High Court Justice Jasmeet Singh summoned the accused and complainant to meet with a member of the Delhi Jal Board team, and ordered both parties to clean the river Yamuna for 45 days.

The Jal Board would provide a certificate to the accused and complainants if the Jal Board is satisfied with the cleaning work, according to the High Court.

It must also be filed in the court records within a week of receiving it. Within two months, this procedure must be done. The High Court ordered the FIR lodged in Jaitpur police station in February 2022 on charges of assault, fighting, molestation, and other offences to be cancelled after the assurance of completing this condition.

A quarrel broke out between two Delhi neighbors a few days ago. Mamta Devi and others were charged by the Jaitpur police.

When the case went to court, both parties came to an amicable agreement.

In the High Court, the parties said that the matter had been settled between them. In such a case, the registered FIR should be dismissed.