Supreme Court Reserves Order on Contempt Plea in Patanjali Misleading Ads Case

Published on: May 14, 2024 11:40 IST

Supreme Court has reserved its decision today on a contempt plea filed against Baba Ramdev, Acharya Balkrishna, and others in the Patanjali misleading advertisements case.

Supreme Court has waived the requirement for personal appearance by Ramdev and Balkrishna in the upcoming proceedings. This decision comes amidst ongoing legal scrutiny over alleged misleading advertising practices by Patanjali.

Apex Court also granted Patanjali an extension to submit affidavits detailing the actions taken to retract advertisements for products whose licenses have been suspended, as well as to recall any implicated medicines.

The case marking the intersection of consumer protection and corporate responsibility, with regulatory bodies closely monitoring advertising claims to ensure transparency and accuracy in product marketing.

As the legal proceedings continue, the outcome of the contempt plea holds implications for the future conduct of Patanjali and its role in Establishing advertising standards and accountability in India’s commercial sector.

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