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Supreme Court reprimanded lawyer for filing Bogus Public Interest Litigations

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Madras HC dismisses PIL - law insider

Akanksha Singh –

Published on: September 14, 2021, at 14:50 IST

Justice DY Chandrachud said that lawyers were prevented from filing false PILs while hearing a petition requesting compensation for the families of the lawyers who died before age of 60, whether by Covid- 19 or any other disease.

The petition was filed by Mr. Pradeep Kumar Yadav who had demanded 50 lakhs for these lawyer families.

He argued that the government had provided financial assistance to other communities in the society amid the pandemic.

Mr. Yadav’s plea drew much criticism from the Former Judge. He dismissed the claim, and told the lawyer that his case cannot be treated as an exception as he is in a “black coat”.

The Apex Court said that “Time has come that we have to stop the lawyers from filing these bogus PILs. This is a Publicity Interest Litigation and just because you are in the black coat, doesn’t mean your life is more precious than others!”

The Bench also added that “It cannot happen that lawyers file such Public Interest Litigations and demand for compensation from judges and that they will allow. You know there are a lot of people who died. You can’t be an exception here, Mr. Yadav.”

Thereafter, it was argued by the petitioner that, since all the courts are not functioning, the survival of lawyers and their staff are badly affected. He also added that they are facing acute financial difficulties. Without any help, lawyers are turning to other professions to survive.

At the end of August, the Delhi High Court and District Courts in the national capital have resumed physical hearings in a restricted manner.

In contrast, the Supreme Court has switched to hybrid hearings – both physical and virtual – from September 1.

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