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Supreme Court Registry goes paperless, 72,000 pages saved

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Published on: 26 January 2023 at 23:36 IST

CJI DY Chandrachud in a landmark initiative to reduce carbon footprint in Supreme Court, laid down a Policy mandating internal communication within the Registry through email.

As per Reports from now all official communication among the Supreme Court Registry members will be strictly through online mode.

Supreme Court has also decided to adopt an e-office system, where every file will be moved online through the internal network only. Previously, the mode of communication was through paper, where staff used to prepare office notes and move files physically. 

Supreme Court official said, “That will be done online now. The entire office process will be done electronically now. It will take some time since re-engineering any process has its own challenges,“.

Official Added, “Numbers are growing everyday and more and more people are marking their appearances online” .

The Supreme Court Registry Usually receives 300-400 email communications daily, which used to be printed out and marked hierarchy wise.

By adopting paperless policy, 300 to 400 papers will be saved daily solely by the office of one of the Registrars.

This is another Great Initiative by Supreme Court, Previously introduced online appearance for lawyers, which had eliminated the need to file physical appearance slips.

Approximately 72,000 online appearances have been marked till date, which has led to a total saving of 72,000 sheets of paper.