Supreme Court refuses to hear Param Bir Singh plea against Maharashtra Govt enquiries

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Kriti Agrawal

The Supreme Court refused to hear a writ petition brought by expelled Mumbai Police Commissioner Param Bir Singh contesting the Maharashtra Government’s departmental investigation against him.

Param Bir Singh has asked the Supreme Court in his writ suit for an order to the CBI to act on his submission against the alleged threats made by the Maharashtra Government’s inquiry officer.

A Bench of Justice Hemant Gupta and Justice V. Ramasubramanian allowed the petitioner the right to withdraw the plea and take his case to the Bombay High Court.

Despite Senior Advocate Mahesh Jethmalani’s detailed arguments on behalf of Param Bir Singh, the bench declined to hear the case.

Justice Hemant Gupta commented that, “You are a Maharashtra cadre member. You worked for the government for 30 years. And now you have lost faith in your own government’s ability to function? This is a horrifying accusation!”

“There is a saying, people in glass houses should not throw stones”, Justice Gupta added.

Mr Jethmalani objected to the glasshouse statement, claiming that it demonstrated a biased mindset on the bench’s side.

When the bench was about to issue a dismissal decision, Senior Advocate Puneet Bali, who was also representing Param Bir Singh, sought that the matter be given the opportunity to be withdrawn.

The bench stated that it had provided the option of withdrawal from the start, but Mr Jethmalani wanted to argue in depth.

Finally, the bench agreed to dismiss the case.

At the last hearing, Justice BR Gavai recused himself from the proceedings, and instructions were issued for the plea to be heard by a bench that did not include Justice Gavai.

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