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Supreme Court Panel member urges CJI to release report on farm laws publicly

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Aanchal Agarwal-

Published on: September 8, 2021, at 16:39 IST

A member of the Supreme Court-appointed panel has urged the Chief Justice of India (CJI) to release the report submitted by the Panel publicly.

The Panel was formed by the Supreme Court to examine and study the three Farm Laws which had triggered farmer riots and protests all over the country last year.

Anil J Ghanwat, President of Shetkari Sanghatana addressed a letter to the Chief Justice of India(CJI) along with the committee’s report.

The letter stated that “As a member of the Committee, especially representing the farmers’ community, I am pained that the issue raised by the farmers isn’t yet resolved and the agitation is still continuing. I feel that the report has not been given any attention by the Honorable Supreme Court”.

The letter also requested the Supreme Court to release the report publicly so that the new recommendations can bring peaceful resolution and can end the protest once and for all.

On 12th January the Supreme Court had suspended three farm laws and their implementation because of the nationwide protest resulting because of it.

While forming the committee the Court stated that the discussions between the Government and the farmers have resulted in no good. So, the constitution of a committee consisting of experts will act as a mediator between both the parties.

The committee after two months of detailed study submitted its report in March to the Apex Court.

The committee made sure to include all the suggestions by the stakeholders in its report to ensure maximum benefit to the farmers.

It’s been five months since the committee had submitted its report to the Court but still, no further action has been taken. So the committee members have urged the Court to release the report on public domain to ensure speedy actions are taken regarding this matter.

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