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Supreme Court: Firecracker ban needs to be strictly followed

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Alka Verma –

Published On: October 29, 2021 at 10:45 IST

On Thursday, the Supreme Court of India stated that the ban applied to firecrackers need to be followed strictly.

The Court asked the concerning authorities to implement the ban with a lot more responsibility.

A Bench comprising Justice M.R. Shah and Justice A. S. Bopanna also stated that the ban is not just because of any particular festival, but it is there to protect the Fundamental Right of the Right to Life.

“We do not want to come in the way of enjoyment, but for enjoyment, one cannot play with the Fundamental Right of others,” stated the Bench.

Adding to this, the Bench also stated that all firecrackers and all crackers are not banned, but crackers made from certain materials are.

“All firecrackers were not banned. It was in the larger public interest. There is a particular impression being created. It should not be projected that it was banned for a particular purpose, ” stated the Bench.

“Can we say that enjoyment can be done at the cost of others’ lives? Today also we can see that crackers are being sold in the market, “added the Bench.

The Bench also stated that last time it clarified about the responsibility and clearly stated, that the concerning authorities were to have some accountability.

“We want full implementation of our orders. We are not against a particular community, “stated the Bench.

The Bench also stated that the Court, through this ban, wants to send a strong message to everyone that it is always there for the protection of Fundamental Rights of citizens.

The Court made all these orders while it was Plea requesting a ban on both manufacturing and sale of firecrackers throughout the country to solve the issue of air pollution.

The Court also asked for answers from firecracker manufacturers regarding a claim made in the CBI preliminary enquiry report in which it was stated that the manufacturers were using banned barium chemicals for making crackers.

It should be noted here that the next hearing is scheduled for Friday.