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Supreme Court: Fine on woman for Plea against Demolition of Corona Mata temple

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Anushka Sharma-

Published On: October 10, 2021 at 13:29 IST

The Supreme Court of India punished a woman from Uttar Pradesh for petitioning the court to stop the demolition of the ‘Corona Mata’ temple she had constructed.

The woman’s decision to seek the Court was deemed an abuse of the Judicial Process by the Apex court.

The PIL filed by the woman who erected the shrine in Uttar Pradesh’s Pratapgarh Area alongside her husband was also dismissed by the Supreme Court.

While dismissing the Case, a Bench of Justices SK Kaul and MM Sundaresh slapped a fine of Rs 5,000 on the Petitioner. The Court also noted that the land on which the temple was constructed is in question.

According to the Apex Court, “The petitioner has not exercised sufficient legal recourse if she claims that the land is her private property and that the temple was built in line with local norms.”

The Court further noted that the Petitioner had not built a temple for any of the country’s other ailments, and that the land on which the temple was built was disputed, as documented. According to the Court, a Police Report was also filed on this matter.

According to the Court, the Petitioner has misused the process of this Court’s authority under Article 32 of the Indian Constitution. “The writ petition is dismissed with a fine of Rs 5000,” the Court stated, instructing the Petitioner to deposit the fee in the Supreme Court Advocates on Record Welfare Fund within four weeks.

The ‘Corona Mata’ temple was built in Pratapgarh’s Juhi Shukulpur village. The temple was constructed on June 7th and demolished on June 11th night.

While the villagers claimed that the police demolished the temple, the police refuted the charge, and claimed that the temple was built on a disputed site and that it was dismantled by one of the parties involved in the dispute.

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