Supreme Court expresses concern over “Sorry State of affairs” in Tihar Jail

Swarna Shukla-

Published On: November 10, 2021 at 19:43 IST

The Supreme Court expressed concern over the “Sorry State of affairs” in Tihar Jail.

The Apex Court was hearing the case regarding the collusion between Chandra Brothers, the jailed Unitech Promoter and Tihar Jail Officials. The Supreme Court ordered last month the suspension of officials at Tihar Jail for conspiring with the Chandra Brothers and allowing them to run their business. 

The Judges said that they have read the media reports regarding the violence in Tihar Jail. The Court asked the Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) Secretary to take necessary steps to reform.

The Court added further that the arrangement should be made for body scanners, mobile jammers and other security measures in jail.

Sanjay and Ajay Chandra are the former owners of Unitech and got arrested in 2017 for failing to build houses for which they collected ample Crores of rupees. They also faced money laundering and other financial crimes. 

Both the brothers were moved from Tihar Jail to a separate prison in Mumbai. The Enforcement Directorate informed the Court about their underground office where they preserved the information relevant to the investigation against them.

On 6 October, the Top Court Ordered the Delhi Police to register an FIR on the connection between two brothers and Tihar Jail Officials. The Court asked the MHA to place an action plan in 4 weeks before the Court.

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