Supreme Court bashes Tamil Nadu Election Commission: “Covid is a good excuse”


Queency Jain –

Observing that no local elections took place in 9 districts of Tamil Nadu for 2 years, the Supreme Court bashed Tamil Nadu Election Commission thereby giving them a deadline of 15 September to conduct the same.

While the Senior Advocate PS Narasimha, representing the State poll body argued that the Covid cases in the State were increasing badly and were contributing to the highest number of cases of the Country, the Court stressed that the poll body was making excuses and stated, “Covid is a good excuse in all matters.” 

The counsel on behalf of the State poll body requested more time to bring upon the electronic voting machines from the Election Commission and delimitate the same.

Though the Court removed the contempt part from its order after several pleas were initiated by the election body, the Court stressed to conduct the elections by 15 September in all the 9 districts of the State.

Earlier, the Supreme Court in 2019 had allowed local polls leaving behind the new 9 districts where delimitation was to be done.

The other States like Bengal Assam, Kerala and Pondicherry also held elections which resulted in an increase in Covid cases.

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