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Students of DNLU, Jabalpur on Day-6 of Hunger Strike against Poor Infrastructure, Sexist Remarks by Wardens

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DNLU Law Insider

Tanisha Rana

Published on: 23rd August 2022 at 21:36 IST

DNLU, Jabalpur students continue to protest against alleged poor infrastructure, sexist remarks by wardens and more for the last 6 days. From Saturday, over 100 students are taking part in a hunger strike at the University’s academic block.

Various demands have been put forth by students such as:

  • Payment of annual fees in installments, and refunding of hostel fees paid by students during the period when online classes were held;
  • Marks given on the basis of attendance to be revoked;
  • Betterment of living conditions in hostels; improvement of Internship and Placement Cell; Student Bar Association to be made;
  • Check and balance system to be installed in the university against the concentration of power of authorities; and action to be taken against constant sexist remarks made by wardens of girls hostels.

The students have also asked for the removal of Jalaj Goantiya as he has been appointed as the Registrar-in-charge despite not meeting the requirements for the said post. The demands by students were written in a representation and were submitted to administration last week.

Also, the students of DNLU demanded removal of Prof Dr V Nagaraj from the post of Vice-Chancellor. Students claimed that many instances of harassment and oppression during his tenure came to light on campus time and again.

The representation stated, “Dr. Nagaraj has violated the power conferred upon him. He harassed students by imposing humongous fines, and infringed their privacy by authorising unauthorised persons to trespass in the student’s room in the name of inspection.”

The Vice-Chancellor issued a detailed written response to the representation made by students on Saturday.

He said that the Finance Committee and Executive Council have been asked to prepare a status report on the issue of refund of hostel and other fees charged during the conduct of online classes.

Further, he also assured the students in his written statement that annual fees for the year will be collected in 2 installments. He assured students that wardens will be sensitized appropriately and also asked students to lead the Internship and Placement Committee.

The students have claimed that rounds of negotiation with administrative authorities has been futile till now.