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Singapore High Court upholds 16-month Jail of Indian-origin man for Prostitution

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Greeva Garg –

Published on August 26, 2021, at 15:15 IST

The Singapore High Court has upheld the punishment of 16-month imprisonment, imposed upon an Indian-origin Permanent Resident along with a fine of over USD 8,133 in alleged prostitution Offences.

Arumaikannu Sasikumar and his Singaporean partner, Rajendran Nagarethinam were found guilty of obstructing the Course of Justice at their Kollywood Club, being involved into several prostitution activities.

The High Court upheld the punishment on Arumaikannu, imposed by the Lower Court, being 16 months Jail term and USD 8,133.

The High Court ,however, reduced the punishment upon Rajendran with the Court permitted new evidences in his favour, quashing the Order of the Lower Court. Rajendran’s sentence was cut down to 19 months Jail term than the earlier imposition of 30 months by the Lower Court. Also, the fine was reduced from USD 2,218 to USD 1,848.

As per the allegations on Arumaikannu and Rajendran, they forced two Bangladeshi women in their mid-20s, who arrived in Singapore in 2015 and 2016 to indulge in prostitution activities.

Both the accused, Arumaikannu and Rajendran, forced the Bangladeshi women to provide sexual services to their customers.

Arumaikannu and Rajendran used to charge USD 369 form each customer in return to the sexual services provided by the Bangladeshi women.

Arumaikannu used to provide a minimal or no amount of salary to both the Bangladeshi women, according to their engagement into the prostitution activities.

The two women reported against both Arumaikannu and Rajendran to the Manpower Ministry, for not paying them proper salary and forcing them to provide sexual services to their customers.

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