Singapore High Court dismisses Parti Liyani’s application for $10,000 compensation against AGC

Queency Jain – 

The High Court of Singapore has rejected the compensation application of Parti Liyani against the Attorney General’s Chambers (AGC) as she was not able to prove the malicious prosecution against her.

In March 2019, Liyani was found guilty of stealing valuables worth $30,000 from the former Chairman of Changi Airport Group but was later acquitted in September last year.

Though all the charges against Liyani were overturned, after getting acquitted she sought a compensation order in the High Court worth $10,000 under Section 359 (3) of the Criminal Procedural Code.

Justice Chan, hearing the compensation application of Liyani rejected her request thereby stating that this was the first application Singapore Courts have ever received in front of them after the section of such compensation was added in the year 2010.

The Court held that there was no evidence to show any dishonesty, malice or improper motive of the prosecution to embarrass her and thus mere dissatisfaction with the manner in which proceedings were conducted will not be a ground to declare the same to be malicious.

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