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Published on: December 04, 2021 at 18: 44 IST

The Supreme Court observed that persons with Disabilities should not be made to remove their prosthetic limbs or calipers during Security Checks at Airports, nor should they be lifted manually without consent.

The case was filed by Kolkata-based Activist Jeeja Ghosh whose cerebral palsy had never been a hurdle for her while travelling around the world on her own, but had been forcibly offloaded from a flight in Kolkata in February 2012 after the crew decided that she was not fit to travel unaccompanied.

Earlier, Ghosh moved court that led to a Landmark Judgment in May 2016 and the Airline had to pay Rs10 lakh as damages for the mental and physical suffering caused.

Furthermore, the Civil Aviation Requirements (CAR), 2008, on Carriage by Air of persons with disabilities was revised, ensuring disabled persons were treated equally, and standard wheelchairs were made available at airports, SOP and training on how to board/deboard such people.

The Supreme Court in February 2017 directed the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) to examine suggestions submitted by the Petitioner to make further necessary amendments to CAR guidelines.

Further Senior Advocate Colin Gonsalves representing the Petitioner, challenged the draft submitted by DGCA on July 2, 2021.

Furthermore, the Supreme Court asked the Petitioner to file suggestions in 30 days.

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