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SC Transfers Pleas Against Agnipath Scheme to Delhi HC

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Khushi Bajpai

Published on : July 19 ,2022 at 17:22 IST

The Supreme Court held that it wants a considered view of a High Court before deciding the matter. The Apex court also directed all such pleas in other high courts to be given the option of being transferred to the Delhi High Court. The court also requested the Delhi HC to hear and decide the issue expeditiously.

“The Constitution provides for such a plea to be moved first in the High Court as the case is also pending before it. Why should we be denied the benefit of a well-considered view of the high court? Pan-India problems do not mean that the case should automatically move to the Supreme Court. At this point, there’s no point in considering the problem “Justices DY Chandrachud, Surya Kant, and AS Bopanna’s panel of judges took note.

The Agnipath initiative, which was unveiled on June 14, calls for the recruitment of young people between the ages of 17 and 21 for only four years, with the option to keep 25% of them for an additional 15 years. Later, the government raised the maximum age for enlistment this year to 23.