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SC: Notification to prevent using mobile phones in virtual hearing is just an advice, did not ban from using them

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Virtual Justice Law Insider

Nishka Srinivas Veluvali

Published On: January 20, 2022 at 11:20 IST

The Supreme Court has thrown light on the notice issued on January 17 persuading the lawyers and litigants to avoid the usage of mobile phones for attending the virtual hearing of the Cases.

The Secretary General of the Supreme Court, Virender Kumar Bansal informed the Supreme Court Advocates – on – Record Association that, Contrary to the concern expressed by you, a careful reading of the notice dated January 17, 2022 reveals that it is merely advisory in nature and nowhere in the said advisory it is stated that the usage of mobile phones is barred”.

He also added that the Court has cleared it that any lawyer or litigant who does not own a laptop or desktop can join the Virtual Court Proceedings using their mobile phones but making it sure that there are audible and visible to the Court.

The mentioned notification issued on January 17 by the Supreme Court states that in order to avoid disturbances in the Court proceedings it is preferable to join the Virtual Hearing through laptop or desktop with proper and stable internet connection and should avoid the usage of mobile phones for the same.

It was advised that the Lawyers and Litigants joining the Virtual Hearings through a single device should be head-set enabled microphone and audio system.

The Supreme Court came forward to clarify this notification when SCAORA and the Supreme Court Bar Association opposed it saying that it would very burdensome to the lawyers and litigants who have suffered financially due to this pandemic situation and probably might not be in a position to afford laptops. or desktop.