SC: Delhi Police responsible for matter concerning Farmer’s Tractor Rally

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Tanvi Sinha

Throwing the ball back on Delhi police’s court, the Supreme Court washed its hands off the matter of if the farmers protestors be allowed to hold a tractor rally on 26th January 2021.

The decision comes as the top court, in a bench headed by CJI Bobde stated that its intervention was being grossly misunderstood and that they were not responsible about things that were within the police’s powers.

Attorney General Venugopal who has been on the farmers bills case from the side of the Centre for some time now, asked for the Supreme Court to put a stop on the rally.

The Delhi Police had filed a PIL asking the court to ban the protestors from holding the rally during republic day as something like that according to them would be an embarrassment to the country globally.

Advocate A.P Singh for the BKU (Bhartiya Kisan Union) stated that the farmers were only going to hold a peaceful protest in Ram Lila Maidan, and earlier the president of BKU, Rakesh Tikait, had stated that they would not interfere with the republic day procession.

However, the top court said that only the Delhi Police had the power to decide the matter of the protestors and how many should or should not protest. They stated that the courts cannot be the first authority to deal with such a situation.

Regardless the court has decided to hear more on the matter this coming Wednesday, the 20th of January.

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