SC Declined to List Petition Seeking Injunction to Prevent Screening of Film ‘Thank God’ Before its Release Date

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Aastha Thakur

Published on: 19 October 2022 at 18:23 IST

The Supreme Court bench, comprising of Chief Justice UU Lalit and Justice Bela M. Trivedi, declined to list a case that seeks to urgently prevent the screening of the upcoming Bollywood film “Thank God.”

Despite the petitioner’s argument that the plea would be frivolous by then because the movie was scheduled to premiere on October 25, 2022, the bench listed the case on November 1st, 2022. The judges said the issue was not urgent and might be listed at a later point.

In its case, the Shri Chitragupta Welfare Trust asks the court to order the takedown of the movie’s trailers and posters from YouTube and other digital distribution channels. The petitioner also requests for an order preventing the release of the aforementioned movie in theatres or on OTT platforms.

The release of the film, according to the petition submitted through Advocate Lokesh Kumar Choudhary, will be a flagrant breach of Articles 14 and 25 of the Constitution together with Section 5B of the Cinematograph Act.

It has been submitted in plea that, The present petition arises out of and against derogatory expressions, acts, statements, dialogues and insulting images, videos in and around the character of God Chitragupta played by Bollywood Actor, Ajay Devgan/Respondent No. 4 which is evident from the release of the trailer of the Bollywood movie ‘Thank God’.

The movie’s trailer and various posters are propagating false, offensive, and disparaging messages about God Chitragupta among people all across the nation and the world.

Furthermore, plea added that, “The religious sentiments of the Petitioner, including other Kayastha people in the country is being harmed/injured and fundamental right is infringed and violated by the Respondents by making and releasing the said movie”

According to the petition, the Respondents have no right to disrespect God Chitragupta, who is respected and followed by millions of Kayastha Community members throughout India and the rest of the world.

The Centre and the CBFC have therefore requested that the Court issue a writ in the nature of mandamus and prohibitory against them, ordering them to immediately remove the movie’s trailer and posters from YouTube and other electronic platforms and further not to release the film in theatres or cinema halls across the nation or on the OTT platform.

The movie is scheduled for release on October 25th, but the case won’t be heard before November 1st, 2022.

Case Title: Shri Chitragupta Welfare Trust vs Central Board of Film Certification (CBFC) and Ors.

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