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SC asks centre to consider one time age relaxation for UPSC extra chance

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Tanvi Sinha

The Supreme Court requested the Centre to allow a one time relaxation on the age limit to the UPSC civil services aspirants, who had lost their last chance to give the exam in 2020.

Earlier the Centre had given a one time only relaxation on the exam for persons who had their last attempt in 2020, contingent on them not being age barred for the exam that would be given out by the centre before the official 2021 UPSC exam.

The Supreme Court with a bench headed by Justice A M Khanwilkar also asked the Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) to issue a notice on entry from the private sector to the bureaucracy.

They observed with regards to this that they had relaxations for persons from the private service to the joint secretary level where the age limit was 45 years and there wasn’t even an attempt bar, but the counsels for UPSC stated that there were age restrictions here too.

On February the 5th the Centre had given the Top Court its okay for giving aspirants who had exhausted their last attempt (of the 6 total attempts allowed) in the 2020 exam, but refused to give relaxation to others who had not, or to persons who would be age barred for the 2021 official exam.