Rajasthan High Court: Pakistani immigrant should be given provisional admission

Ambika bhardwaj

Published On: January 12, 2022 at 14:28 IST

The Rajasthan High Court on Tuesday instructed the National Testing Agency to assign seat to a Pakistani immigrant in a medical college who passed the National Eligibilities-cum-Entrance Test (Undergraduate) but was refused admission due to LongTerm Visa from his native country.

Justice Dinesh Mehta of the High Court’s Jodhpur Bench sought the NTA’s opinion on a petition filed by Pakistani immigrant Sandeep Kumar.

Mr. Kumar had moved to the High Court claiming that despite scoring an 80 percent in the NEET, he was refused a seat in a medical college since his LTV had expired and had a pending renewal by Pakistan for a long time.

While requesting that Mr. Kumar should be admitted to a medical college by the NTA, the Bench decided that the validity of his admittance is dependent on the results of his plea.

Mr. Kumar stated that he was a Pakistani national who came to India in 2011 with his parents and siblings using a valid passport under the LTV. He stated in Court that his visa got expired in October 2017 and an application to extend his visa has been on hold since then.

Mr. Kumar had conveyed his desire to appear in the NEET exam before the Court during the previous hearing in August last year but was concerned that his application would be denied due to LTV.

The Court then ordered the NTA Director and the Convener of Rajasthan NEET-UG Admission Board in Jaipur to  acknowledge his examination form.

During its hearing on Tuesday, the Court also gave Additional Solicitor General Mukesh Rajpurohit four weeks to submit his response.

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