PM Modi’s Security Breach: Apex Court agrees to constitute Probe Panel

PM Security Law Insider

Mitali Palnitkar

Published On: January 10, 2022 at 17:54 IST

On January 5, 2022; a security breach involving Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s convoy took place. The cavalcade of the Prime Minister was stranded for 20 minutes on a flyover in Ferozpur, Punjab. The decision to constitute a committee to probe the security breach was agreed by the Apex Court.

Around 15 lawyers claimed that they were called from a UK number which was reported to belong to Sikhs for Justice (SFJ). The lawyers claimed that the SFJ, which is a banned outfit considered itself responsible for the Convoy’s blockade.

Advocate Vishnu Jain stated, “I receive two calls. It said that we take the responsibility for blocking the PM’s cavalcade. It was a pre-recorded message of 47 seconds.”

Another lawyer who received the call stated, “I received a call from a UK number which said that they would take responsibility for the blockade of the motorcade of the PM. The caller said that SC should not be hearing the matter when they did not find a single culprit responsible for the killing of Sikhs in 1984.”

Although the security breach was claimed to be a lapse of security, it may possibly be treated as a planned conspiracy if the claims of lawyers are proved.

Earlier, the farmers who were protesting against the Farm Laws and Ajay Mishra Teni’s Arrest with respect to the Lakhimpur Kheri Case, claimed that they were protesting on PM Modi’s route. They stated that they were unaware of the Prime Minister’s arrival by road.

On January 10, 2022; the Apex Court stated that to probe the security breach, a Committee would be appointed which would be headed by a former Supreme Court Judge. The Supreme Court also suggested the DGP Chandigarh, Registrar General of Punjab & Haryana High Court, and NIA IG to be a part of the Committee. The Centre and the Punjab government were directed by the Supreme Court to hold the Probes by the Panels appointed by them.

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