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Plea Filed Before Allahabad HC Challenges Appointment of New Law Officers

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Shashwati Chowdhury

Published on: August 22, 2022 at 20:19 IST

The Allahabad High Court’s Lucknow Bench is hearing a petition that challenges the recent appointment of state law officers and asserts that the Rashtriya Swayam Sevak Sangh (RSS) recommended them for the position and that some of the new appointees were related to politicians and judicial officials in the State.

The list of selected state law officers and brief holders that was released by the state government through the Special Secretary, Law & Justice on August 1 is being challenged by Advocates Rama Shankar Tiwari, Shashank Kumar Shukla, and Arvind Kumar.

The petitioners contend that they had information from trustworthy sources that RSS had recommended the executives be appointed.

The argument made in the appeal is that some of the 220 selected officers have not even completed five years of practice. The petitioners further alleged that the Supreme Court’s guidelines on the selection of government lawyers, which were established in the State of Punjab v. Brijeshwar Singh Chahal case, had not been followed.

Additionally, it questioned the number of Chief Standing Counsel (CSC) positions in Lucknow, contending.

Thus, the petitioner sought the formation of a committee to appoint eligible law officers , a reduction in the number of CSC posts, and an inquiry into any alleged irregularities in the State government’s nomination process.

The 841 law officers hired by the Uttar Pradesh government to represent the state at both benches of the Allahabad High Court had their contracts recently revoked, effective immediately. Another order was issued on the same day appointing 366 lawyers as law officers for the High Court’s Allahabad Bench and 220 lawyers for the Lucknow Bench.

This action was taken immediately after the High Court ordered the Chief Secretary of Uttar Pradesh to consult with the State Cabinet regarding the necessity of having so many Additional Advocates General and Chief Standing Counsel to represent the State before the High Court.