Petition in SC filed alleging Twitter of biased political leaning

Jan5,2021 #SUPREME COURT #Twitter

Tanvi Sinha

A petition was put forward by Advocate Mahek Maheshwari to the Supreme Court of India on 5th January 2021. The petition goes on to explain a phenomenon called shadowban, i.e., a process where a person’s account is made less visible to other users of twitter which the journalist says is motivated through political ideologies.

He says that the proof of this is with the account of a twitter handle True Indology, a right-wing account being shadowbanned. He also uses the example of Subramanian Swamy, a Member of Parliament, being shadowbanned by twitter as proof of the process being unfair and even having the audacity to do so to a verified MP.

Further, he claimed that the lack of regulation that the site has, has encouraged insults towards the top court. Earlier twitter user sanitarypanels was initiated with contempt proceedings by law students with the permission of the attorney general for attacking the judiciary which could possibly be what Adv. Maheshwari is possibly referring to.

On the topic of shadowbanning, twitter has denied being biased towards a particular political side, with the CEO Jack, stating that he endeavors to remove all political ads from as according to him these things are to be won and not bought. However, it remains deep in controversy on the issue with right wing parties from America and now India complaining of a bias.


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