Pegasus Spyware: Have some faith in system, why parallel debate on Social Media

Supreme court Law Insider IN
Supreme court Law Insider IN

Snehal Upadhyay –

Published on August 10, 2021, at 15:03 IST

On Tuesday, the Supreme Court conveyed some doubts in the Pegasus Spyware case regarding the petitioner who had intended for conducting “parallel proceedings and parallel debates” on social media whereas the Court is still dealing with the case.

Chief Justice N.V Ramana contended that the petitioner should have faith in the Judicial System of the Country and if the matter is ongoing in the Court then it should be discussed and debated in the Court itself.

“But once you come to this Court, we expect the debate to take place and we expect that they will answer the questions, the queries that we put to them through a proper debate within the court and not outside. They are all represented through counsel and they will answer. Please have some faith in the system, whatever you want to say, please file affidavits and we will go through that and the contents of that, we assure you. But instead of having a parallel debate, not that we are against such debates, but to have parallel proceedings when we are seized of the issue and we are looking into it…”, expressed Chief Justice, N. V. Ramana.

The petitioners’ counsel respected the expressed views of Chief Justice NV Ramana and stated that they will accordingly advise their client.

The Advocate stated that he was representing the former Editor of The Hindu newspaper and Petitioner in the matter, N.Ram.

The advocate further stated that the bench had asked him a question regarding the observation made by California Court on Indian journalists being targeted by Pegasus which had resulted in “mud being thrown” for allegedly making false claims in the petition.

“This is the problem that is taking the sentence out of context. I had a problem whether I had read it properly or not. That is why I put the question. This is not correct. You should not cross the limits for anybody. We are following the procedure and system, they must have faith in the system”, observed Chief justice NV Ramana.

The Chief Justice further added that “There are 300 people connected and there are journalists also. We will try to improve the system.”

The Court will further deal with the case on Monday.

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