Other states successfully running spas except for Delhi, Why? – Delhi HC to Govt

Nov24,2020 #COVID-19 #Delhi High Court
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Nisha Ghoshal

The AAP (Aam Admi Party) government was questioned by the Delhi High Court bench comprising Justice Navin Chawla about the reason for not opening spas when gyms, markets, restaurants, etc. are working.

The question arose in the court after a notice of reopening of spas was given by the central government on 18th November and Delhi government restricted the permission because of the third wave of COVID-19 infection in the city.

To this, the court asked, “Why? Why only spas? What is so special about spas? You have opened everything else. Look at markets, restaurants, metros, buses, all are open and running full time.”

The Delhi government was asked to state explicit special reasons in its affidavit for not reopening spas.

The central government said that the route is clear to open spas, but the final decision rests with the government of Delhi.

The next hearing will be held on 4th December.

The people who run spas filed a petition through Advocates Rajeshwar Dagar and Himanshu Dagar.

The petition mentioned that other states are successfully running spas except for Delhi.

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