Novak Djokovic fights against cancellation of VISA in Australia

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Nishka Srinivas Veluvali

Published On: January 06, 2022 at 19:07 IST

Novak Djokovic opposed deportation from Australia following the Government repealing his VISA for not fulfilling the Covid Vaccine requirements.

The Tennis world number one player was denied entry into country after being stopped at the border of Australia by the officials on Wednesday.

At present, Djokovic is sheltered at immigration detention centre in Melbourne facing deportation.

The tennis player had entered the Tullamarine Airport with an expectation to preserve his Australian Open Crown and to bid the unmatched 21st Grand Slam Title.

He had openly asserted on the social media platform – Instagram, that he has been permitted to participate in the tournament which will commence on January 17, even being unvaccinated.

The player had earlier disclosed his opposition for being vaccinated even though he had been infected with Covid once and now has denied to publicly disclose his vaccination status.

The Prime Minister Scott Morrison stated that the 34 – year – old player has been unsuccessful to provide the evidence of the being double jabbed or any medical exemption to the officials.

The Australian Border Officials have rigged Djokovic overnight and repealed his VISA stating lack of appropriate evidence to meet the entry requirements.

The players Lawyers are arguing in the Court in Order to prevent the latter’s deportation.

Morris said that, “Rules are rules and there are no special exemptions allowed”.

As the Australian citizens suffered for travelling or welcoming their families overseas due to the pandemic restrictions but the claim of the player being receiving some special exemption created a lot disturbances and lead to public outcry.

The tournament organisers were also being criticised to which the Australian Open Chief Craig Tiley responded that “no special favour” has been given to the player and asked the player to reveal of why and how he got the exemption.

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