New Afghan Rulers raise ‘Panipat’ Military unit

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Munmun Kaur

Published On: February 16, 2022 at 15:06 IST

In an effort to spite India, Afghanistan’s interim Taliban Government has named one of its special military units as “Panipat”.

The unit was apparently named after drawing inspiration from the Third Battle of Panipat fought in 1761 in which Afghan ruler Ahmad Shah Abdali defeated the Maratha army.

The news broke out on Twitter through a tweet by Aamaj News of Afghanistan. The tweet reported the Taliban announcement and shared photographs of masked Taliban soldiers in military uniform, holding American rifles and parading in Jalalabad, the Capital of Nangrahar. The Panipat operational unit will be positioned in the Country’s eastern province of Nangarhar bordering Pakistan.

Netizens took over social media and called the act Taliban jingoism to spite India. A Twitter user wrote, …Hindus should take this as a clear sign. We haven’t forgotten our ancestors. Muskaan sister, we hear your cries”.

Another Twitter user wrote, “This clearly shows the Taliban desperation for some reaction. Well, sadly for them, the MEA won’t respond to such comical token acts. The terror group should help Afghans first, instead of doing failed attempts to take jibes on Indians.”

As per the reports, historical military events like the Third Battle of Panipat are invoked during religious sermons in rural Afghanistan to arouse youth to support the cause of Muslims wherever they are facing trouble.

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