Shivani Gadhavi –

Published On: December 06, 2021 at 19:20 IST

A Tamil Nadu based lawyer moved to the Supreme Court of India and has sought protection of the Central Industrial Security Force for the Mullaperiyar Dam in Tamil Nadu from the Kerala Government and Social Activists who have personal agendas for the demolition of the Dam.

The applicant Stalin Baskaran requested for the protection of the 126-year-old dam, in a writ petition filed by a group of Kerala based petitioners, in the case of Dr. Joe Joseph and Others Vs State of Tamil Nadu and Others.

The applicant stated that the Dam which helps in the progression of living of lakhs of people residing in Tamil Nadu could be demolished by the Kerala Government, all political parties based in Kerala and people having personal vendettas. The application also brought to attention that no measures have been taken for the protection of the Dam.

Stalin Baskaran who filed the application via Advocate Narendra Kumar Verma noted that those in opposition of the Dam argue that its increase water level is a threat to the citizens and that the Dam might not be able to withstand an earthquake of magnitude of 6 Richter scale. The applicant argued that even cities like Delhi would not be able to withstand such an earthquake.

Further the applicant argued that the dam of Bhakra Nangal is being protected by 450 personnel of the CISF to help during times of inevitable terror and that the same should be done for the Mullaperiyar Dam instead of demolishing it.

The Supreme Court of India is said to be hearing the matter on December 10th, 2021.

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