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‘Money Laundering of Private Gain to Raut at Cost of Public Funds’: ED Says Opposing Raut’s Bail Plea

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Priyanka Singh

Published on: September 19, 2022 at 21:03 IST

A reply has been filed by the Enforcement Directorate to the bail application by Shiv Sena’s Sanjay Raut regarding his involvement in money laundering.

The agency replied by stating –“Money laundering in the present matter is of private gain of Raut at the cost of public funds (intended purpose of construction and rehabilitation).”

“Economic offences, such as in the present case, cause huge loss of public funds and adversely affect the economy of the country. Any contention to the contrary is untenable and any relief claimed is unwarranted.”

The ED stated Raut’s involvement as being a major role in the offence via his aide Pravin Raut, alleging that, “In order to avoid the money trail, Raut has been operating behind curtains.”

The Central agency had claimed that the sale proceeds obtained by Raut never reached MHADA, the tenants or others, therefore indicating that the proceeds were criminally received.

The agency claimed that the Member of Rajya Sabha had falsely claimed about permissions being granted for the sale of a component of the building, contrarily there being no such express permission for such sale.

ED also highlighted that the repayment of Rs. 55 Lakhs by Raut was made only post the commencement of the ED investigation, which took place after the proceeds of crime came to light.

ED further called attention to the fact of influence that Raut had, and that, if released on bail, he might influence and tamper the evidence and provided the evidences of him threatening the witnesses.

The agency pleaded, “Ongoing investigation at crucial stage. New evidences are surfacing, indicating major role played by accused in the conception and execution. Considering the enormity of case and influence and power wielded by accused, releasing him will hamper probe.”

The agency filed the chargesheet at the Session Court on Thursday, where the Special Court is yet to take cognizance of the case under the Prevention of Money Laundering Act.

Raut’s Plea-

In his bail application, Raut claimed that ED’s intentions were reflected by those of the ruling party and were directed in a way to crush the Opposition Party.

He contended that the shown amount of Rs. 1.06 Cr was accounted for and described.