Maoists arrested in Gun-wielding Case

Jass Kaur Bindra

In Wayanad, charges were framed against the Maoists who belong to the Communist Party of India. Charges were in relation to the Vellamunda gun wielding case.  The case was registered on 12th April, 2021. 

Numerous charges were imposed which were read by the special judge K Kamanees. 

The special Judge of the National Investigation Agency looked into the details of the matter including the charges laid by the Agency.

The allegations imposed by the agency stated, “5 activists of the Communist Party of India (Maoist) formed an unlawful assembly with deadly weapons, including the Ak-47 rifle and other self-loading rifles and they trespassed into the house of a civil police officer.”

The matter related to the unlawful assembly which is clearly prohibited as per the Constitution of India.

Moreover, along with unlawful assembly, the case of Criminal Trespass is found against these Maoists as they intruded into the boundaries of civil police officer, A.B. Pramod.

The Maoists threatened the officer and stated, “Stop helping the police officers in Anti-Maoist operations or we will Kill You.”

This threatening statement exceeded the limit where they ordered the officer to immediately resign from his post. The officer is posted as a civil officer at Vellamunda in Wayanad.

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