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Madras HC Rejected Bail of Accused in Matter of Kanniyakumari Extortion

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Paridhi Arya

Published on July 1, 2022 at 18:29 IST

The Single Judge Bench of Justice Pugalendhi had dismissed the bail application filed by the accused of Kanniyakumari extortion case.

The application was filed before the Madurai Bench of Madras High Court. The one accused who filed bail application was father of the main accused who was charged for concealing the important evidences of the case.

In 2020, the case was registered against Kasi alias Suji. Prosecution alleged that he use to make physical relation with the girls on promise to marry them and showing them that he loves them and without their knowledge he use to record it.

After that he uses to extort money from them by threatening that he will viral their video and photos.

Thangapandian who is the Petitioner of the case and also a father of Kasi was charged for hiding Kasi’s laptop and phone from the police.

Prosecution of the case submitted that police confiscated his laptop and mobile phone and there were 1900 obscene photos and 400 videos recovered from his laptop and phone which is assumed that there are 120 women who were caught in his trap.

The Prosecution alleged that Thangapandian had till now filed many petitions in the matter and it is clear that he is doing so just to make the process of law delayed and to extend the trial.

The Court observed that there are many victims left to be examined and so he cannot be allowed bail and on Wednesday Court has rejected his bail petition.