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Published On: December 08, 2021 at 18:20 IST

The Madras High Court directed the Tamil Nadu Government to guarantee common Burial/ cremation grounds in the entire State for members of all communities.

Justice R Mahadevan disposed a Writ Petition from Kalaiselvi and Rajaram, pleading for a direction to the Kallakurichi District Collector to allocate a permanent place for Burial Ground for Arunthathiyar Community.

Further the Judge ordered that all the boards constructed in the cremation grounds situated in every village/block/district by different communities to use that part of the land entirely for their castes and communities be removed.

Furthermore, the Judge directed to grant permit to the entire Cremation Grounds to be used for the members of all castes and communities without any discrimination.

The Judge while highlighting Fundamental Right under Article 25 of the Constitution suggested that constructing and maintaining common cremation/ burial grounds in every village without any discrimination within the respective religion is the Right of every citizen.

The Judge further directed the Government to include, as part of the school curriculum, the values of Religious and Communal Tolerance and mutual respect for differences and diversity in Religion, Community, Culture and Tradition.

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