Madras HC: Caste will remain the Same even after Conversion of Religion

Swarna Shukla –

Published On: November 25, 2021 at 18:50 IST

“Conversion from one religion to another will not change the caste of a Person to which he or she belongs.” The Madras High Court said while denying an inter-caste marriage certificate to a Christian Adi Dravidar and Hindu Arunthathiyar couple.

As per a Government Order (GO) dated December 28, 1976, inter-caste married couples would get various benefits including priority in public employment.

The Court stated, “In the event of a converted person claiming an inter-caste Marriage certificate, it would pave the way for the citizen to abuse the benefit To be granted under the inter-caste marriage quota.”

The Court passed the Order while dismissing a Plea filed by S Paul Raj, who was born in Adi Dravidar community, a scheduled caste and later converted to Christianity.

However, the application made by the Petitioner was rejected on the ground that conversion of religion would not change the caste of a person to get an inter-caste certificate. The Court rejected the Plea and concurred with the findings of the authority and dismissed the Petition.

The court stated that there would be a lot of consequences if the application was allowed as citizens would abuse the privileges to be granted under inter-caste marriage quota.

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